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The Importance of DEI Training

Diversity, equity and inclusion training courses help promote the inclusion and tolerance of different types of people from aspects of society, not just in the workplace. A successful and thriving organization needs input from people with different skills, backgrounds, experiences and personality traits. A strong company focus on diversity not only meets formal regulations and employment laws, but improves healthy employee relations and human values on a wider scale.

Start promoting diversity and social responsibility in your workplace today - browse and compare the list of diversity courses below to find your ideal training program and ‘Request Information’ to contact the training providers directly.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusivity Training - Open Minds Open Doors

Diversity in the workplace is not limited to the inclusiveness of different races, cultures, gender, nationalities or religion; it extends to people of different sexual orientations, ages, disabilities - and even working styles - among others. The term is constantly evolving, but the essence of its core message remains the same: in today's progressive world it is essential to recognize and celebrate differences, on a professional, public and personal scale.

Employers don't just have a corporate responsibility towards workplace diversity, but a social one too. Organizations with an effective diversity training program benefit from a range of talent and ideas, and from the satisfaction and rewards of healthy employee relationships.

But it isn't just employers or human resource departments that need to take responsibility for diversity and inclusion in the workplace: it's everyone. Diversity and inclusion training courses help the entire workforce to develop its understanding of discrimination, equality, tolerance and diversity - and it's important that everyone is offered this training.

Employer Commitment

Employers and HR personnel are required to have a thorough understanding and implementation of federal and state laws surrounding diversity, equality, discrimination and harassment. 

Federal laws include:

  • Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (Title VII)
  • the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and ADA Amendments Act (ADAAA)
  • the Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA)
  • the Equal Pay Act (EPA)

Many states also have their own employment discrimination laws. Diversity training can ensure employers and HR teams are equipped to meet these vital state and local government equal employment measures and requirements. 

It is also important for organizations to have a clear diversity plan and/or program, so that all employees understand how the company is working towards achieving diversity. Diversity courses can help companies develop strategies of implementation and the best methods of communicating their diversity efforts.

Diversity Training Course Content

Diversity, equity, and inclusion courses cover a wealth of different topics and range from specific training for HR professionals, to all-encompassing employee understanding.

Whether you're looking to find training for the entire company, or to enhance your knowledge as an individual, diversity and inclusion training can help you kickstart your journey towards understanding the positive effects and importance of building a perspective of equality and tolerance in the workplace.

Course content can include:

  • Equality, participation and inclusion
  • Managing diversity and inclusion
  • Closing the generation gap in the workplace
  • Teacher and instructor training courses - for those teaching children or teaching diversity
  • Cross-cultural awareness
  • Training courses and certifications for HR professionals

DEI Training Format

The most common learning delivery method for diversity training is onsite. Onsite training allows experts to visit your workplace and train directly, resulting in maximized employee engagement. Having a live trainer at your organization also allows for a more hands-on approach to learning and development. Participants can benefit from group activities and practical exercises as well as the opportunity to receive expert feedback for any queries they may develop during the diversity training process.

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