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Chart Learning Solutions
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1,295 USD

1,295 USD

1,295 USD
Chart Learning Solutions

Course description

Chart Learning Solutions developed a hybrid learning course to develop emerging business leaders and pave the way for a brighter future. The course is designed to develop a new generation of highly capable leaders by helping them understand complexity, efficiency, and change.

This 4-month program gives you access to online self-paced learning material, a community of like-minded individuals, self reflection activities, and digital group coaching.

The results will guide you to fewer surprises in a leadership role, more harmonious and collaborative work environments and improved team productivity, accountability and satisfaction.

In this series we focus on 4 modules: Time Management, Emotional Intelligence, Coaching & Mentoring and Change Management. We will have a group coaching call at the end of each module to ensure you can apply the key learnings.

Training content

Learning Outcomes:

Module 1 - Time Management:
Fofus & Efficiency
Become more efficient in your daily routine with our 6 criteria for increased efficiency and understand how to apply each in your situation. Take the stress out of your work by streamlining your tasks and we will show you how to eliminate all the biggest time wasters in your work. Understand the 60 second test to assist with the filing and paperwork in your work area. You will feel like you get more done in half the time and increase your efficiency like you never thought possible.

This course will ensure that you maximize your daily activities more effectively and take back control of your time. Understand the importance of setting a goal and why it is important to be proactive rather than reactive. Why is a mission statement important and what are the three elements of an effective mission statement? Prioritize your tasks more effectively according to the urgency and importance of the task at hand.

Goal setting
Learn how to make the most of your time by implementing guidelines that is smart, measurable, achievable, relevant and time based. With accurate goal setting, you will maximize your efficiency as well as your effectiveness and in doing so, learn how to record and track your progress throughout the duration of a specific task, or even merely throughout your normal routine day. You will be able to schedule recurring activities without having anxiety about where you’ll have to find the time.

Hidden time identification
24 hours sometimes simply doesn’t seem like enough time. Learn how to identify “hidden time” in your day, which will mean extraordinary things for you in terms of completing your deadlines and reaching your goals. You will learn how to make the most of your “down time” by for instance, creating a game out of time saving. We don’t believe in all work and no play, and therefore provide you with the tools to have fun while effectively managing and creating your time, virtually effort free.
How to maximize your productivity
“Procrastination makes easy things hard, and hard things harder” – Mason Cooley. Learn how to avoid procrastination and finalize your tasks with ease. Learn how to apply the most effective guidelines for delegation and ensuring responsibilities get taken care of. You will learn how to get more done, in less time and we will teach you how to balance your precious home life with that of a stressful career life. Your productivity will be at it utmost maximized capacity after you have completed this course.

Module 2 - Emotional Intelligence

Defining and understanding Emotional Intelligence

Understand what Emotional Intelligence is and is not, the four steps to understanding Emotional Intelligence and the importance on your career success.

The Emotional Intelligence framework

Gain insights to the four Emotional Intelligence competencies and leadership skills developed through EI. Understand the two axis of the Emotional Intelligence framework.

Managing emotions and mindset

Understand how thoughts and emotions work together and how we manage our emotions by managing the thoughts that trigger the emotions.

Practical steps to develop Emotional Intelligence

Understand the three steps that are important practices and tools we can use to develop our EI further and how to develop healthy practices and habits.

Techniques to build Emotional Intelligence skills

Empathy is a crucial inter-personal skill for the Emotional Intelligent leader. Practice empathetic listening to develop your empathy and understand the two sets of questions that we can use to develop our empathetic listening skills.

Module 3 - Coaching & Mentoring

Getting and giving help
There are many challenges to getting the right help, most of which are our own mental self-doubt that gets in the way. We will teach you the guidelines for getting the right help. The one technique for getting help is to ask for it in the form of a statement. We will show you how to ask for the detail, be specific and thanking your helper. You will understand the benefits of a buddy system approach and group brainstorming. We will guide you on certain areas you need to be sensitive when asking or giving help.

Mentoring peers
While having the right resources is important, often it’s other people who can help us most. Anyone with whom you communicate knows something that you don’t. We can all learn from and help each other create a continuous learning path. Learn how you can actively mentor those around you. Share knowledge, experience and insights with those around you. Are you ready and willing to mentor? We will share the characteristics of effective peer mentors and teach you eight types of peer mentoring. You will also understand what behaviors to avoid such as criticizing, giving advice and rescuing.

Coaching peers
Peer coaching is a cost-effective way to provide quality employee development to high-potential and emerging leaders. Learn about the behaviours that will ensure you are a great peer coach. You will understand why questions play an important role for effective coaching and how to use the correct questioning sequence for an effective coaching session. Learn the behaviours and steps under your control for achieving the end goal.

Understand the four-stage personal leadership questioning process any external coach would use. Self-control is at the core of self-coaching. Understand how to set your goals, get help, implement your plan and celebrate your success at the end. We will show you how to implement self-control and impulse management techniques to stay on track.

Receiving feedback
Feedback is the fastest intervention to performance improvement. If done effectively, it can be highly motivating and play a critical role in employee development. You will understand the benefits of effective feedback including accelerated learning, improved performance, enhanced relationships and increased self-esteem. You will understand why you should avoid being judgmental and you will be able to identify behavioral gaps. We will elaborate why you need to be specific, impartial during feedback. You will be introduced to a “feed-forward” process that will be extremely powerful for you in the future.

Module 4 - Change Management

Understanding change
We will help you to understand the difference between leading and managing change. The big challenge is how people will respond to change in their various roles. We will help you to apply general guidelines for an effective change transition. You will understand how to communicate the reasons for change, involve the correct people in the change process, create effective teams and communicate regular updates on the progress.

How to initiate and lead change
You will be an example and catalyst for the change process. If people note that you are against the change you will not meet your desired goal. This course will help you to focus on implementing six targets for change and what the outcome will look like. You will learn an approach to initiate change following five criteria for worthwhile results.

Stages of change transitions
We will teach you a model for leading and managing the four stages of change transition. Each stage will have very specific tasks and steps associated to ensure you achieve your desired result. Understand where you are currently and where you want to be in the future. Create a plan for reaching your goal based on what’s needed and wanted. Your plan will be tested on this journey and you will need to be ready to respond to any situation. At the end you will need to evaluate the outcome.

The best way to communicate through change transitions
Humans does not react well to change. We will look at the dynamics of human nature and change with a climate for cooperation. How do you get people out of their comfort zones but without pushing them too far? Understand how to communicate in each stage of the change transition journey to get buy-in.

Leading non-stop change
During the change management process, you will have various obstacles on this journey. Let us help you to understand how to anticipate and plan for obstacles. Building trust will be key during this process. Follow our guide to improve the trust between yourself and the team during this process.

Course delivery details

In this 4 month program you will have access to online self-paced learning material, community of like-minded individuals, self reflection activities and digital group coaching. 


$1295 including 4 group coaching sessions

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Chart Learning Solutions

Chart Learning Solutions have created their wide range of training options in order to assist organizations in the development of high-performing managers, leaders, customer service providers, and sales executives. They have created an online learning methodology that increases performance and...

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