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    Want to have a little fun and put your skills to the test? We've got you covered! Below you'll find a variety of different quizzes and tests that you can take to help inspire and influence your training journey. These quizzes are suitable for everyone, from those beginning a new career to the experienced professional looking to hone their skills. Enjoy!

    Last updated: 05 Nov 2019
    Last updated: 11/10/2020

    Time Management Skills Test: Own your Time!

    Knowing how to perfectly manage your time can help you to get the most out of every moment of the day. Complete our time management assessment and explore how to improve your time management expertise!

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    Last updated: 10/2/2020

    Leadership Evaluation - 15 Questions to Find your Style

    Securing good leadership is vital to any successful business, and that's why it's important to develop impressive leadership practices. Take our leadership quiz to find your style and discover how to develop your skills!

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    Last updated: 10/2/2020

    Communications Skills Assessment - Test Yourself!

    From negotiating a promotion to resolving a conflict with a colleague, good communication skills can greatly improve your career. Find out how effective of a communicator you are with our fun test!

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