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15 weeks
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999 USD
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Course description

Kane Intentional Communication Training Program

A company training for employees and senior management to help enhance interpersonal skills within the workplace, and share practices to help senior leaders communicate better with their team.

Most companies right now are dealing with employee in-fighting, low morale, negativity within the workspace, managing resistance to people coming back into the office, and high turnover rates.

While we can say it’s due to Covid, what is really breaking down is how people are communicating with one another.

Knowing how to connect with each other in a calm and helpful manner is what keeps senior leaders and their co-workers engaged, productive, and connected; these skills build a safe space grounded in community and collaboration. It’s what keeps everyone feeling seen, valued, heard and appreciated for the work they do – seeing themselves as part of something bigger than themselves – a team.

These past years have been difficult. They’ve created a lot more stress and overwhelm and we see it firsthand with what’s happening within company culture.

And that’s where the Kane Intentional Communication Training Program comes in. 

Who should attend?

This training is for those who are ready to:

  • stop being passive aggressive, lashing out, shutting down, or taking things personally at work
  • speak to their colleagues, employers, employees with more confidence and authenticity
  • become more present and productive in their day-to-day interactions
  • stop feeling trapped in the same conversation loop with their coworkers
  • quiet the anxious thoughts and constant rumination
  • start asking for and receiving what they need in their work connections
  • show up in the way they want to in their career
  • get clarity, make decisions and have difficult conversations easily
  • create more impactful conversations and connections
  • invest in their networking relationships

Training content

Course #1: What is Kane Intentional Communication ?

This is an introductory course to understanding what Kane Intentional Communication is.

In this course you’ll learn:

  • what is communicating intentionally
  • what are the guidelines of communication
  • what is the practice to communicate intentionally

This is a three-week online course. There are video lessons, exercises and a mini quiz at the end of each lesson, with a weekly live Q&A call about the material with Cynthia. You will receive an online workbook.

  • Lesson 01: What is Intentional Communication: Here you learn what Intentional Communication is and its benefits.
  • Lesson 02: Guidelines of Intentional Communication: In this lesson you learn the guiding principles of Intentional Communication and begin to apply these guidelines to your interactions.
  • Lesson 03: The Practice of Intentional Communication: Here you get an overview of the practice. You learn what each part does individually and then how it fits into the whole.

Course #2: How to Communicate Intentionally

This is an implementation course, with private instruction where you learn how to communicate intentionally in your real work interactions.

This is an online training with weekly live Q&A calls with Cynthia as well as four 1:1 calls with a private instructor. Participants will receive a training workbook. Those who complete the training have a four month check in call after the training.

  • Lesson 04: Meditation: You'll learn the practice of meditation and begin practicing meditations specific for enhancing communication. By the end of lesson 04 you will have a weekly, if not daily, meditation practice. Meditations are then prescribed for you throughout the training depending on what's coming up for you.
  • Lesson 05: Listen to Yourself: Here you'll begin to listen to your body and language. By the end of this lesson you will have changed your relationship to your negative self-talk and know how to quiet the mental chatter and let go of the self judgment and evaluation.
  • Lesson 06: Listen to Others:: In this lesson you learn how to listen to others. By the end you'll be more present in your interactions, able to connect with those who disagree with you or have different opinions, and know how to hold space for others without fixing or giving advice.
  • Lesson 07: Speak Consciously, Clearly, and Concisely: This is all about expressing yourself in a way that others can hear you. By the end of this lesson you'll be clear on what you need within conversations and how to ask for what you need without worrying about the other person's reaction. You'll start seeing how valuable and necessary your words are and taking empowered action to get your needs met.
  • Lesson 08: Silence Learning how to incorporate silence into your conversations is what you'll do in this lesson. By the end, you'll be using silence to create more connection, intimacy, and to access yourself in difficult moments.
  • Lesson 09: Difficult Conversations This is all about having difficult conversations. You'll learn the formulas for different types of conversations, how to move through the fear of having them, what to do before, during, and after them, and by the end you'll be seeing difficult conversations as essential to your well-being and that of others as well.
  • Lesson 10: Putting it All Together: By this point the practice will have already come together for you and you'll be implementing it; however, this lesson puts it all together in a very practical way so you can see all the pieces working together.

Course delivery details

  • Weekly group coaching calls with Cynthia where you discuss the lessons, challenges, celebrations, and your experience with the practice
  • Four 1:1 Milestone Calls during Course #2 with your Private Instructor


Course #1: What is Kane Intentional Communication?

  • Price per employee = $111

*We recommend that all employees take course #1 and that team leaders take course #1 and course #2

Course #2: How to Communicate Intentionally

  • Price per team leader = $888

Why choose KICI?

99% of those who go through our training are still using the practice of communication more than four months afterwards - it works and it sticks

Over 60k people have taken our online courses

Serving students all over the world

About KICI

Kane Intentional Communication Institute, LLC

The Kane Intentional CommunicationTM Institute, LLC provides a holistic approach to effective communication. For the last six years the institute has offered training, workshops, and mentorship to help students better control their emotions within their workplace conversations, express themselves consciously,...

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Average rating 5

Based on 16 reviews.

It is amazing to discover what gets in the way, your way, of having easier conversations, and especially in communication with yourself! What we say to ourselves, and others, shapes the way we see our situations. Cynthia has shined a light on and broken the steps down to becoming more aware of how we can either promote suffering or ease in our i...
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The Training Program helped me in ways I didn't expect. I knew I needed to create space within conversations and was nervous that I would never master this, however through this practice it became absolutely possible to create this space and choose my responses within conversations. I learned to love and trust myself, to speak to myself in a kin...
Show more
Since taking the Training Program my relationships with my family and friends have improved immensely. I have an awareness that my communication could still improve and that I am not perfect, but I am more forgiving and accepting of myself and my flaws. I have more confidence in my abilities and am probably happier than I have been since my chil...
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Training reviews
Course rating
Based on 16 reviews.

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