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Attend an industry seminar from your couch!

Webinars are a quick and usually inexpensive way to build your knowledge, and even earn a new certificate! Below you will find live and recorded webinars covering a wide range of subjects. Filter by category, price, and date to find the best option for you!
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Why Should you Look into Webinar Training?

Are you interested in learning something new, but short on time? Or maybe you think you want to invest some time and money into training, but want to make sure it's something you are truly interested in first? You might be looking for a webinar!

A growing number of professionals are seeking webinar training that they can attend online from the office. Webinars can easily be scheduled into the calendar as a time set aside for training, without having to leave the office or travel to a new location. Many professionals scheduling training for staff are using webinars as a time-efficient, cost-effective way to deliver knowledge. In addition to delivering knowledge, webinar training can inspire discussion and spark action in a company. Sign up for a webinar today and find out why this format has become so popular.

How Do Webinar Courses Work?

Most webinars are planned to last between thirty and ninety minutes as they are designed to be scheduled into a typical workday. Because training providers must be efficient with time, webinars are often knowledge-packed and streamlined for optimum learning for the busy professional. In many cases, webinar training can accommodate numerous participants simultaneously while only paying for a single connection to the webinar.

Earn a Certificate through a Webinar

If you are interested in quickly earning a certificate to add to your resume or share on LinkedIn, then a webinar is a great choice! Not all of the webinars above end in a certificate - but many of them do. Check for details on the course page, but if nothing is listed there, get in touch with the webinar provider and ask them directly.

Who Should Take a Live Webinar Course?

Live webinars are suitable for professionals seeking to enhance career prospects. Live webinar training is also designed to accommodate busy employees who wish to extend their knowledge in different areas during the workday.

Most webinars grant participants access to the webinar series upon completion of the live webinar. The footage of the webinar as well as an ear into the discussion can serve as a business resource after the course is finished. Participants can return to the material as a reference whenever needed, which is an advantage over digging out a notepad from a location training.

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